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An Article By Vijay Batra Scientist have discovered that with a broad range of active intellectual interests and a vigorous lifestyle, your body, mind...

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Be Young Forever

Nadella was born into a Telugu-speaking family in Hyderabad, India (now in the state of Telangana). His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, identifi...

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Satya Nadella

Born in Chennai, India, Pichai was bright and creative from a young age. Having received his education from some of the most prestigious institutions ...

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Sundar Pichai

Gauri Sawant is a 37-year-old transgender social activist. Born as Ganesh Suresh Sawant, she was born and raised in a conservative family in Pune. At ...

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Gauri Sawant

There are so many amazing benefits for taking a family vacation. Besides being incredibly fun and an escape from reality, vacations help families grow...

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Benefits of Family Vacations

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