Author: Vijay Batra

A psychologist rightly identified the six pillars of a vibrant life, which are as follows: Certainty Variety Intimacy Growth Contribution Significance...

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Six Pillars for a Vibrant Life

The more we learn, the more we will earn, the more we blame, the more lame we will become. Those who take responsibility and see their own weakness as...

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You and I have a choice to make in life, do we functions as sewaks or naukars. Be it in a company where we may work as an employee, or while serving c...

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Be a Sevak not a Naukar

There is a beautiful anecdote about a Horse race. In the horse race, the horse owners would have their horses participate in the horse race and the be...

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Become Better

I strongly feel that lasting happiness is when we respond favourably to the challenges that we face day in and day out in our lives, thus sowing the s...

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