In my opinion, our lives are like icebergs, ours and those of our family members, friends and associates. Here is my research on the subject of icebergs which compels me to think of the Titanic.

An iceberg is a floating mass of ice that breaks off from the end of a glacier. It is 14 per cent above and 86 per cent (six-sevenths) below the sea surface, i.e. the water line with specific gravity of 0.9. The story of the Titanic is the result of this ‘hidden’ mass of frozen ice-typically 45 m tall and 180 m long. An iceberg can be as tall as a ten-storeyed building! Let me recall the story of the Titanic for our purpose of ‘Solving Your Tomorrow’s Problems Today.’

If the captain could have maintained his ‘professional cool’ and had decided just to ram  (front hulk of the ship is very, very strong) into the iceberg, the damage would have been minimum. He decided to ‘avoid’ the iceberg resulting in the ‘soft side’ of the ship having big holes through which water gushed in! This led to a very big tragedy.

If ever you want to learn how to manage crises in life, at home and job, see this movie! You will see, when the “chip” were down, the experienced captain “gave up” forgetting that his 40+ years’ experience was meant to manage this one time the rarest of the rare accidents.