You and I have a choice to make in life, do we functions as sewaks or naukars. Be it in a company where we may work as an employee, or while serving c...

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Be a Sevak not a Naukar


Rajat Sharma is the chairman and editor-in chief of an Indian Hindi news channel, India TV.  His childhood was about seven brothers, an ailing mother...

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Rajat Sharma


There is a beautiful anecdote about a Horse race. In the horse race, the horse owners would have their horses participate in the horse race and the be...

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Become Better


Arunima Sinha (born 1988) was the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. She was also the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest. Sinha, a ...

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Arunima Sinha


It is time for Indian women to chase their dreams, make it big, and bust many myths. Geeta Phogat is a female wrestler from India who won India’...

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Geeta Phogat


Parents should know the battles are inevitable and must prepare their kids to defuse potentially ugly situations. And there will be times when parents...

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Sibling Rivalry